The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga has addressed the concerns of a section of Kenyans who misunderstood the message of a video that has since gone viral across social media depicting that he made prejudiced remarks against the Christian faith.

Raila said his political rivals had doctored the video clip to bring out a rather contrary message that he did not intend to put across which also painted him in a bad light against Christians.

He disclosed that the video was taken out of context and it was taken when he was addressing a section of Muslim women about their discrimination in various government institutions and was only looking out for their interests as he called for equality of all religions.

“There is a clip circulating around. I was addressing a group of Muslim women who came to see me complaining of discrimination when they apply for passports or ID cards,” Raila said.

“Somebody has picked that comment of me addressing Muslim women and want to use it to seem like am trying to discriminate against Christianity, no.”

Raila emphasised he was not for the idea of favouritism of a religious group over others and there will be zero-tolerance to any form of discrimination under his administration if he becomes president.

He noted a previous encounter with discrimination against members of the Muslim community when he was Langata MP.

“I have been an MP for Langata constituency and have seen that kind of discrimination against members of the Islamic community," he said.

The former premier reiterated the Constitution protects the church as well as the rights of every Kenyan who wishes to profess any religion.

"I said the church is protected by the Constitution… protects the right of every Kenyan to profess any kind of religion. All regions are protected by the constitution," Raila said.

According to the viral video, Raila said the colonialists entertained the perception that Christianity was a more superior religion than the others and he wished to change the perception if he becomes president.

“When the white men were here, the Christian religion was elevated above the others. And that belief has stuck with us to date must be ended,” he said.