Deputy President William Ruto has castigated his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, over remarks he made to the effect that Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders were immature and needed to be patient before they sought the leadership of the country.

“Our counterparts are part of us but it seems they need time to settle, stop the insults, rushing and also know that working and honesty exceeds insults and hatred,” Uhuru said.

While speaking to residents of Kapsabet in Nandi County, Ruto unleashed a tirade against Uhuru, warning him not to leave him alone if he did not want to campaign for him.

In his outburst, Ruto accused Uhuru of meddling in his political affairs just when his time in office is ending.

He criticised Uhuru for supporting Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga saying Raila brought turmoil to the country and to Uhuru. Ruto told off the president telling him to focus on campaigning for Raila whom he referred to as the man of riddles (Kitendawili).

“I want to tell the president. Do not bring me trouble my friend. You push your candidate Mr riddles. Mr President please, stop talking about me, talk about your candidate,” irate Ruto told Uhuru.

Ruto also told Uhuru he supported him when he needed someone to support him and he should leave Ruto alone if he does not want to reciprocate the same.

“Let William Ruto be. I supported you when you needed a man to support you, if you don’t want to support me, leave me alone,” Ruto said.

Ruto told Uhuru to stop threatening them because they cannot be threatened as he reminded him that they were the ones who elected him and stood with him.

“I want to ask the president, you shouldn't be the source of threats in Kenya. Your work is to ensure the safety of all Kenyans. Stop telling us that we will know that you are the president, we are not people to be threatened. We are the ones who elected you, and we elected you to be the president of Kenya. Stop threatening us. We are not people to be easily threatened,” Ruto said.

“With a lot of respect, my friend Mr President please, be a decent human being, be a gentleman, be grateful. We are the ones who helped you. Stop bragging…” Ruto said.

Ruto and his boss have been going at each other's jugular with cutting remarks, increasing the already wide rift between them.