Mombasa ODM gubernatorial candidate Abdulswamad Nassir is heading to court to compel the Electoral Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to conduct the Mombasa gubernatorial election on Tuesday as earlier scheduled.

This follows the commission’s chairperson Wafula Chebukati’s announcement that the elections for the Mombasa and Kakamega gubernatorial seats are postponed indefinitely.

Chebukati cited frustrations and intimidation of IEBC officers over the elections by individuals he did not mention.

Abdulswamad said the law was clear on the postponement of an election and one cannot just wake up and make such a decision.

"The law is very clear about postponing the election. You cannot just wake up and decide to postpone it, it is impossible," Abdulswamad said.

Abduswamad said that while he was addressing the media on Wednesday evening when he said they will go to court from where they expect an order for the elections to be held according to the schedule.

"We will go to court. We are going to expect an order that the elections will be held on the stipulated date," Abduslwamad said.

He insisted the elections have to be conducted on Tuesday and demanded answers why it was postponed in the first place, arguing there were no valid reasons.

"We demand the election be done on Tuesday. We are also demanding answers as to why they were postponed," he said.

The IEBC postponed the election in Mombasa and Kakamega on grounds of technicalities.