The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is advising motorists of widespread traffic disruptions across the country caused by heavy rains that began on Tuesday and continued through the morning of Wednesday.

Athi River Bridge Closure:

The most significant disruption is the complete closure of the bridge, linking Kitengela to Mombasa Road along Namanga Road.

The Athi River had flooded, making the bridge impassable and KeNHA strongly urges motorists to avoid attempting to cross the bridge and to use the designated detour via the East African Portland Cement junction, Athi River, and Devki.

Disruptions on Thika Superhighway:

Several sections of the Thika Superhighway also experienced traffic disruptions due to flooding.

The Juja underpass was heavily congested, with traffic snarls beginning at Juja Mall on both the highway and service lane.

KeNHA advised motorists to use the service lane at Exit 14 and 15 until the flooding subsides.

While the Githurai Car Wash service lane and the Kahawa Sukari Engen towards KU main highway sections are now passable, motorists are urged to remain cautious throughout the highway as further flooding may occur.

Oltepesi-Magadi Road Impassable:

The Oltepesi-Magadi Road had been declared impassable due to flooding. KeNHA advised motorists to avoid the route altogether or to proceed with extreme caution if travel is unavoidable.

Temporary Measures at Juja Underpass:

KeNHA took temporary measures to ease traffic flow at the Juja underpass.

A backhoe was used to open a section of the guardrail, allowing floodwater to drain and facilitating a partial restoration of traffic flow.

However, KeNHA still urged motorists to avoid the area if possible until the water levels receded completely.

Update on Kitengela Bridge:

As of this afternoon, KeNHA has reported that the floodwaters at the Kitengela Bridge have receded, and traffic flow has resumed.

However, they advise motorists to remain vigilant while crossing the bridge and to take necessary precautions in case of further flooding.

Travel Advisory:

Motorists are urged to plan their journeys carefully and to be aware of the latest traffic updates provided by KeNHA.

Alternative routes should be considered, and extreme caution is advised when travelling through flooded areas.