Former National Super Alliance (NASA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Norman Magaya has revealed that he had been re-admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after his health deteriorated.

In a tweet on Monday, Magaya said he had spent a total of 25 days in the ICU as doctors worked to save his life, revealing that he had been to the brink and back, health-wise.

“25 days in ICU. I have been to the known and unknown,” Magaya posted on Twitter.

Magaya collapsed at the Bomas of Kenya’s in August 2017 as the tabulation of the presidential ballot in the General Election was underway.

The then NASA chief was admitted to Nairobi Hospital in critical condition in September 2019 and later flown to India for specialised medical attention following a heart attack.

That was the last time he was ever seen in public, even as he has been active on social media and has been into and out of the ICU on several occasions since his first admission.

On November 2, 2022, Magaya caused panic on Twitter after he opened up on his tribulations with many of his close friends and colleagues rushing to ascertain his safety.

He narrated, in a series of tweets, the embarrassment of almost being evicted.

“On the verge of eviction and embarrassment, I fear nothing, absolutely nothing! For I know this will be a day of joy for my detractors & I will gladly give it to you! From the cold street with my toddler daughters, I shall rise high coz there is God! Damn the consequences,” he posted.

He went on, “I share this not to seek any sympathy nor seek support! I am happy to bear my current position because I have earned it. Given another opportunity I would take the same position. Democracy has a price and am happy pay my part.”

But Magaya said he was not seeking sympathy and will not change his political stand too.

“Important to note that all my job applications on Kenya miserably fail because of my political stand point! Long may it continue for I have no intention to change my political affiliation soon! But the conditions you visit on me today will haunt you to death,” he added.