Motivational speaker, author, life coach and preacher Robert Burale has advised people not to give up on life no matter how hard it becomes.

During an interview at the Churchill show, the preacher opened up on missing several meals a day or even slept without eating anything a day.

According to Robert's account, he ate toothpaste just to survive, and life continued as usual.

"Let me tell you, life was hard. I had no money and could not afford three meals a day. On several occasions, I ate toothpaste, not for hygiene purposes but for dinner," He said.

Burale also noted that God is a God of wonders who at times can decide to block all the help when taking you through a session.

"I thank God many people ran away from me because it built me into the man I am today. And for this, nobody can come to me and tell me they have not eaten if I have money without me helping them out. I know hunger can make a grown man cry," said Burale.

In the same interview, the preacher opened up on contemplating suicide thrice.

He narrated that his first attempt was when he was in the United Kingdom for studies while the rest were here in Kenya.

"Actually, I didn’t have suicidal thoughts, I tried committing suicide. There is a difference, many people are having suicidal thoughts. Mimi I have tried it three times once when I was in the UK and twice in Kenya… maisha ilikuwa ngumu I could not even afford three meals a day,"