A Dutch flower exporting giant, Packed at Source (PASA), has unveiled a cutting-edge flower packaging facility at Africa Logistics Properties (ALP) in Nairobi.

As a subsidiary of the esteemed Dutch Flower Group, PASA aims to not only enhance its export capabilities but also establish the newly inaugurated facility as a strategic hub for flower distribution across Africa.

Through this facility, PASA is set to dispatch fresh cut-flower bouquets to key international markets, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

The move is part of the company's broader strategy to consolidate its position as a major player in the global floral industry.

Investments, Trade, and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano expressed enthusiasm about the development, highlighting the positive impact on Kenya's export market and overall economic landscape.

“Excited to see EPZ continue to play a critical role in our export market. Textiles, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, floriculture, agribusiness, and food industry companies are flourishing within EPZ, symbolizing the diverse strength of our economy," Miano remarked.

She went on to emphasize the growth within Export Processing Zones (EPZ), noting that it not only fuels Foreign Direct Investment but also creates new opportunities for the youth, contributing to increased employment prospects.

“This growth not only fuels Foreign Direct Investment but also opens up new avenues for our youth, paving the way for increased employment opportunities. Together, we’re building a stronger, more dynamic Kenya," the CS stated.

The flower industry holds significant importance in Kenya's economic landscape, ranking as one of the top export earners after tea.

It is worth noting that  Kenya earned a substantial Sh90 billion in flower revenue in 2022, despite a slight decline from the Sh110 billion recorded during a similar period in 2021.

The decrease was attributed to a global market shift, resulting in reduced demand for the commodity.

As PASA's new facility begins operations, it signifies a remarkable stride forward for the Kenyan flower export industry.

With its advanced technology and strategic location, the facility is poised to contribute significantly to the country's economic growth, reinforcing Kenya's position in the global flower trade.