Showmax, a key contender in the online video subscription service domain, is set to revolutionize the entertainment landscape in 2024 with a multifaceted expansion plan that begins with a groundbreaking rebrand.

This February, the platform will unveil a revolutionary new era, marked by the rebrand, a content explosion, and a pioneering mobile Premier League offering.

At the heart of this transformation lies a commitment to African storytelling. 21 brand-new Showmax Originals will grace screens across the continent, hailing from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and beyond.

Familiar faces like "Single Kiasi" return with fresh narratives, while South African literary gems "Red Ink" and "Catch Me A Killer" receive chilling cinematic adaptations.

For the romantics, Valentine's Day promises a bouquet of cinematic delights, with four curated films – "Forever Yena," "Intlawulo," "Matilda en Matthys," and "The Counsellor" – igniting the flames of love.

But Showmax's international appeal doesn't end there.

Blockbuster hits like "Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning" and "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" join the platform, while the return of "Halo" promises a sci-fi odyssey.

This content surge is fueled by a strategic partnership between Showmax's parent company, MultiChoice, and the global media giants, NBC Universal and Sky.

This alliance creates a dynamic new entity poised to reshape the entertainment landscape.

Marc Jury, the CEO of Showmax, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming developments.

“2024 is a big year for Showmax. We will be kicking it off with a content slate packed with world-class entertainment from the world’s biggest brands plus more African Originals than ever before and the first-ever mobile Premier League plan for Africa,” Jury asserted.

Catering to diverse viewing preferences, Jury revealed that Showmax will introduce three tailored plans: Showmax Entertainment, Showmax Entertainment Mobile, and the groundbreaking Showmax Premier League Mobile – a game-changer for football enthusiasts on the go.

This is more than just a rebrand; it's a declaration of intent.

Showmax is poised to become a cultural touchstone, a platform where African stories resonate globally and international hits captivate audiences.

 As the platform gears up for its grand rebrand, subscribers can anticipate a year filled with unparalleled entertainment and groundbreaking innovations.