Samsung Electronics, in a partnership with Safaricom, has introduced an innovative rewards program for its customers, allowing them to harness the power of their Bonga points to access exclusive deals and discounts on select Samsung devices.

Dubbed 'Jisort na Bonga,' this collaborative initiative marks a significant milestone in the customer-centric endeavours of both Samsung and Safaricom.

The campaign's primary focus is to give back to loyal customers, enhancing the value of their Bonga points through attractive offers valid until November 5, 2023.

The Head of Product and Marketing at Samsung Electronics East Africa George Kebaso, expressed the company's commitment to their Kenyan customer base.

" 'Jisort na Bonga' represents our dedication to rewarding our esteemed customers in Kenya. This collaboration embodies our commitment to appreciating and giving back to our loyal customers," Kebaso said.

"By partnering with Safaricom, a brand that shares our ethos of customer-first initiatives, we're excited to unveil a rewards program that elevates the value of Bonga points for our shared user base."

As part of this initiative, customers can utilize their Bonga points to unlock exclusive discounts on a range of Samsung devices available at selected outlets.

These devices include the Samsung Galaxy A04e, A04, A04s, A14, A24, A34, Z Fold 5, and the Z Flip 5.

Customers with substantial Bonga point accumulations now have the opportunity to purchase these sought-after devices at a reduced cost.

The seamless collaboration between Samsung and Safaricom ensures a smooth process for both point accumulation and redemption, delivering a hassle-free experience for every customer.

This partnership streamlines the process for redeeming Bonga points across the various services and outlets involved.

The 'Jisort na Bonga' campaign is already in full swing, and customers seeking detailed information, as well as the terms and conditions, are encouraged to visit Samsung outlet stores and Safaricom stores for comprehensive details.

The following are the proposed offers for select Samsung devices:

Samsung Galaxy A04s 64GB:

 • Price: Sh23,399

 • Cash Top Up: Sh19,799

 • Bonga Points Top Up: 12,00

Samsung Galaxy A04e 32GB:

 • Price: Sh17,399

 • Cash Top Up: Sh13,499

 • Bonga Points Top Up: 13,000

Samsung Galaxy A14 128GB:

 • Price: Sh28,999

 • Cash Top Up: Sh25,999

 • Bonga Points Top Up: 10,000

Samsung Galaxy A14 64GB:

 • Price: Sh25,599

 • Cash Top Up: Sh21,999

 • Bonga Points Top Up: 12,000

Samsung Galaxy A24 6GB + 128GB:

 • Price: Sh43,249

 • Cash Top Up: Sh36,499

 • Bonga Points Top Up: 22,500

Samsung Galaxy A34 6GB + 128GB:

 • Price: Sh57,899

 • Cash Top Up: Sh46,799

 • Bonga Points Top Up: 37,000

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 512GB:

 • Price: Sh299,999

 • Cash Top Up: Sh254,999

 • Bonga Points Top Up: 150,000

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 8GB + 256GB:

 • Price: Sh179,999

 • Cash Top Up: Sh154,999

 • Bonga Points Top Up: 100,000

With the launch of 'Jisort na Bonga,' Samsung and Safaricom are setting a new standard in customer rewards and loyalty programs, ensuring that Kenyan consumers benefit from exclusive discounts and unparalleled value for their Bonga points.