Kenya Power has successfully resolved the recent hiccup in the prepaid electricity system, allowing customers to resume purchasing electricity tokens once again without any further interruptions.

The official customer alert, issued earlier on the same day, acknowledged the issue and the subsequent restoration of services.

"We are glad to inform you that the prepaid system hitch has been resolved, and customers can now purchase electricity tokens. We apologize for the inconvenience caused," the official statement from Kenya Power read.

This development comes as a relief to countless customers who rely on prepaid electricity services for their daily needs.

The issue was initially brought to the public's attention in the earlier customer alert, also released on Thursday.

In this alert, Kenya Power acknowledged the disruption in the prepaid system, which resulted in difficulties generating electricity tokens for their valued customers.

"We are experiencing a hitch on the prepaid system which is affecting the generation of electricity tokens," the notice read.

The alert conveyed the company's dedication to working diligently to restore normalcy to the system in the shortest time possible, emphasizing their commitment to minimizing any inconvenience caused to customers.

While the precise nature of the glitch was not disclosed in the alerts, the focus was clearly on resolving the issue swiftly and ensuring uninterrupted electricity services.

Kenya Power's efforts to rectify the situation were undoubtedly appreciated by those affected by the temporary service disruption.

The company expressed its sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused during the temporary interruption of the prepaid system. 

With the restoration of the prepaid system, customers can once again conveniently purchase electricity tokens, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of electricity into their homes and businesses.