Kenya and Canada have commenced efforts to establish a comprehensive labour migration framework in a bid to enhance employment prospects for Kenyan citizens.

This framework aims to facilitate the placement of skilled Kenyan professionals in various sectors across the North American nation.

During a meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly at State House Nairobi, President William Ruto expressed the importance of leveraging Kenya's well-trained and hardworking workforce to seize opportunities abroad.

While acknowledging the significance of investing in sectors that generate employment locally, President Ruto emphasized the potential for overseas opportunities to uplift the country's young population.

“Kenya’s workforce is our greatest resource. It is well-trained and hardworking. Even as we invest in sectors that will create employment in the country, opportunities for Kenyans abroad are another way to lift up our young people,” Ruto said.

To meet the demands of Canada's job market, Ruto announced plans to align the training of health workers at the esteemed Kenya Medical Training College, along with technical and vocational institutions, with the curricula used in Canada.

This strategic move will enable Kenyan professionals to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications that align with Canadian standards.

In the upcoming month, officials from both countries will convene in Canada to further discuss and develop comprehensive plans to enhance bilateral relations.

The envisioned labour migration framework holds the promise of increased economic cooperation and mutual benefits for both nations.