TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew has announced the establishment of a Kenyan office to oversee the platform's operations across the continent and has also committed to increasing the number of Kenyan employees working for the popular short-form video hosting service.

This announcement was made during a virtual meeting between Chew and Kenyan President William Ruto on Thursday morning.

"During the meeting, Mr Chew also agreed to set up a Kenyan Office to coordinate its operations in the continent," the president said.

"He pledged to hire more Kenyans to work for the platform."

The primary focus of this collaboration between TikTok and Kenya lies in the review and monitoring of content to ensure it adheres to established community guidelines and standards.

President Ruto emphasized that this partnership will guarantee that the content presented on the platform is in line with the agreed-upon guidelines.

"It is our commitment that we bring up our children in the right environment," he stated.

TikTok has gained immense popularity globally, particularly among young users who actively engage in creating and consuming short videos on a wide range of topics.

However, with this popularity comes the challenge of maintaining appropriate and respectful content.

Acknowledging this, CEO Shou Zi Chew assured President Ruto that TikTok is dedicated to rigorous content moderation, aiming to create a safe and welcoming digital space for users.

This new development means that inappropriate or offensive content will be expunged from the platform promptly.

President Ruto welcomed these commitments from TikTok, highlighting the significance of collaboration between the private sector and the government in shaping digital spaces responsibly.