Nakuru Town West Member of Parliament (MP) Samuel Arama has come under intense scrutiny after allegedly brandishing a firearm to disperse peaceful protesters in Nakuru.

The incident, captured in a video that has since gone viral, has sparked outrage and calls for swift action to address this violation of public safety and trust in elected representatives.

In the video, Arama can be seen holding a pistol while demanding the protesters to disperse.

"Did we not vote for Raila? Even I voted for him, but he lost to William Ruto, and now you come here to tell us nonsense?" Arama is heard saying, expressing frustration over President William Ruto's victory despite his personal support for Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Critics have accused Arama of funding the unrest and have expressed concern over his behaviour.

This comes barely a fortnight after Arama was captured in a separate video during a meeting with Nakuru leaders urging police officers to shoot protestors who turned into violent vandalism.

Muslims for Human Rights, a prominent organization dedicated to upholding human rights and promoting peace, justice, and equality, has voiced its deep concern and outrage regarding the incident.

They highlight that Arama's actions not only violate legal regulations but also pose a significant threat to public safety and undermine the trust placed in elected representatives.

In a formal letter addressed to the Director of Criminal Investigations, the organization demanded immediate and thorough action.

They outlined the following points:

1. Conduct an immediate and thorough investigation into the alleged illegality of Arama publicly displaying firearms and ammunition.

2. Confiscate the firearm in question, as well as any other firearms registered and entrusted to the MP, considering the potential danger they pose to public safety.

3. Ensure that due process is followed, holding those responsible for these violations accountable under the law.

4. Implement necessary measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, including raising awareness and educating elected representatives on proper firearm handling and storage.

The incident has raised concerns not only about Arama's individual conduct but also about the integrity of the democratic system.

Elected representatives should be held to the highest standards of ethical conduct and respect for the rule of law.

Arama was elected to represent the members of his constituency, not to publicly threaten them with a firearm that is meant to be concealed and carried.

The Director of Criminal Investigations and relevant authorities have been urged to address this matter urgently and thoroughly. Failure to take prompt action would undermine public trust and confidence in our democratic institutions.

The call for justice, swift investigation, and appropriate action has resonated with many citizens, who believe that no individual, regardless of their status or position, should be above the law. The safety and well-being of all citizens must be safeguarded, and elected representatives must be held accountable for their actions.

As the spotlight falls on Nakuru MP Samuel Arama, the public eagerly awaits a response and the necessary actions to rectify this alarming incident and restore faith in the democratic process.