Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party leader Raila Odinga on Sunday dared President William Ruto to arrest him as vowing to continue pushing to have him vacate State House.

Raila accused Ruto of persecuting former President Uhuru Kenyatta using the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to intimidate opposition leaders who criticize his government.

The former Prime Minister was speaking at Kamukunji grounds in Kibra constituency, Nairobi, during a political rally the opposition chief dubbed the “Kibra Declaration.”

He also faulted the government for raising taxes after assuming office making life more difficult for majority of Kenyans who are grappling with the current high cost of living.

“Ruto promised a poor man’s government, only to unveil a government of billionaires that has no room for the poor. Ruto found our people with a little in their pockets, now even that little is being taken away. He’s pickpocketing the poor to feed the rich friends,” he said.

Raila vowed to continue with the “people-driven” rallies and demonstrations to retrieve his election victory that he alleges was stolen saying he will not be intimidated into silence.

He insists that Ruto lost the August 9, 2022 presidential election but ascended to power by subverting the will of the Kenyan people.

“Let him go and ask Moi. We cannot be intimidated. I dare Ruto to arrest me but we will not relent in the push to have him out,” Raila stated.

He hinted at resuming regular countrywide demonstrations as was witnessed after the contested presidential election in 2017.

“We will hold public rallies, and even peaceful demonstrations. But the right time is coming,” he added.

During the rally, Raila launched the Movement for the Defence of Democracy (MDD) youth resistance that he says will remove the Ruto government and replace it with his own.

Raila will continue with his anti-government rallies and will head to Mavoko in Machakos County on Friday then Busia County on Sunday followed by Rift Valley, Coast and Mt Kenya.

Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua termed their ongoing push as a fight for all Kenyans and not only a fight to see Raila occupy State House as the duly elected Head of State.

“This is a fight for Kenyans, not Raila’s alone. To bring down the high cost of living, we have to fight to see the person we elected occupying State House,” said Karua.