Internet service provider (ISP) Zuku Fibre issued a statement addressing the intermittent downtime on their network in some areas.

This came after Zuku subscribers registered their complaints on Zuku's official social media accounts and expressed their displeasure with what they termed as poor services from the ISP threatening to terminate their subscription.

“Zuku Fiber is experiencing intermittent downtime on its network in some areas, which may affect the quality of services,” the statement read.

Zuku Fibre assured its customers that the issue was being resolved and they also apologised for the inconvenience the downtime caused.

“Our teams are working to restore services in the affected areas within the shortest time possible,” Zuku said.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused as we work towards restoring services.”

Apart from poor internet services, a section of their customers has also complained about poor customer care service and slow response.

The following are a few complaints raised by Zuku Fibre subscribers: