President William Ruto has named 51 nominees to the ranks of Principal Secretaries in various State Departments.

Ruto, through a notification of presidential action issued by his Chief of Staff and Head of the Public Service Felix Koskei revealed names of the nominees

“IT IS NOTIFIED that HIS EXCELLENCY HON. WILLIAM SAMOEI RUTO, PHD, CGH, following the recommendation of the Public Service Commission, has on this second day of November, 2022 caused nominations to the ranks of Principal Secretaries,” the statement read.

“The Presidential Action is pursuant to Article 155 (3)(a) of the Constitution. By dint of the Executive Action, the nominations have been transmitted to the National Assembly for the consideration and approval by Parliament in accordance with the Public Appointments (Parliamentary Approval) Act (No. 33 of 2011).”

Ruto has already forwarded the names of the nominees to the National Assembly for consideration and approval.

Ruto has notably increased the number of state departments to 49 and PSs appointed to 51, from the Uhuru Kenyatta administration, which had had only 42.

Only 12 women have made it to Ruto’s PS nominees list which is a far cry from the Kenya Kwanza campaign pledge to include more women in their administration.

The nominees for appointment to the rank of Principal Secretaries in various State Departments are as follows: