Kiambu politician and wife of slain businessman George Mwangi was arraigned in a Kiambu court on Monday Morning.

The politician Gladys Chania was arraigned in court together with her co-accused Morris Mbugua after investigations linked them to the heinous murder of Mwangi.

Chania was arrested on Friday after casual labourers working on a tea plantation in Kamunyaka discovered her husband’s body on Wednesday wrapped in a polythene bag and covered under a heap of cartons and alerted the authorities.

The court granted detectives seven days to complete their investigations into the Rwanda-based businessman’s murder.

However, the prosecution had asked the court to grant them fourteen days to conclude the investigation.

The prosecution cited the complexity saying one person who used to be with the deceased all the time has also gone missing and they fear the person could also have been murdered.

According to investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Chania who unsuccessfully vied for the Kiambu Woman Representatives’ seat in the previous election is the prime suspect in her husband’s murder.

This comes as several members of Mwangi’s family disclosed the two had a bumpy relationship and their marriage had hit the rock bottom.

The murder is suspected to have stemmed from an alleged romantic interest the deceased had with a school secretary known as Lucy Muthoni who rented one of the Mwangi’s rental houses and was said to have ties stronger than the conventional tenant-landlord variety.