Police have impounded the matatu belonging to LBO Travellers LTD Sacco whose rogue driver was captured on a dashcam threatening another motorist with a machete.

The matatu was impounded from the Kiamaiko area in Nairobi where it was hidden. 

The police towed the vehicle away to the Kasarani Police Station as they are still on the driver’s manhunt.

Matatu involved in road rage being towed away. PHOTO/FACEBOOK

In the dashcam video, the matatu is seen trying to railroad the recording motorist from the right to access a PSV stage.

However, the motorist refuses to give way angering the matatu driver and his conductor who in return retaliate by showing the driver impolite hand gestures.

Shortly after that, the driver of the matatu is seen driving ahead of the motorists and stepping the matatu dangerously in the middle of the road in a manner that blocks the motorist before getting out wielding a machete.

The incident caught the attention of the National Transport and Safety Authority, which said they will investigate and take action.