The National Police Service (NPS) has issued a statement regarding a video that went viral in which a woman appeared to be abducted in a Toyota Probox along Thika Superhighway.

NPS confirmed the incident was under investigation by Kasarani police.

Police also established that the persons involved in the saga were a couple who had squabbles between themselves and was not a case of kidnapping as was widely reported.

“Following inquiries from the public regarding a viral video clip where a woman appears to be abducted in a probox on Thika road, NPS wishes to confirm that the incident is under investigation by Kasarani police. It has since been established that the incident involves a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) who had a disagreement after a social outing within the city,” NPS.

Apparently, the lady wanted to disembark from the vehicle and go home, but on the other hand, her boyfriend insisted on spending the evening with her.

It was during the commotion that a concerned citizen recorded the incident that circulated across online platforms.

The reconciled couple reported to the police intending to withdraw the matter from police action.

However, police are still considering pressing charges against the motorist for endangering his girlfriend and other road users.