Police have arrested the driver of the Toyota Probox that was captured in a video that went viral, showing the vehicle speeding along Thika Superhighway with a female passenger screaming her lungs out.

Kasarani Police Station, Sub-county Police Commander Peter Mwanzo has confirmed the arrest of the man on Monday.

Police had earlier established that the incident that was widely believed to be an abduction incident was rather a disagreement between a couple.

According to a police statement, the couple had gone to the police station to withdraw the case after reconciliation.

“Yesterday after reconciliation, the couple reported to the police purposely to withdraw the matter from police action,” NPS said.

However, police considered pressing charges on the man for endangering the lady and other road users.

Mwanzo said the driver had recorded a statement claiming the lady in the video was his girlfriend.

He also assured the public that the woman was not injured and was expected to record a statement later on Monday.

He confirmed the incident was not a kidnapping incident as earlier said in the police statement.

"Contrary to what people think, this was not a kidnapping incident," Mwanzo said.

Reports show the man picked the medical student at Kenyatta University with the vehicle that was traced to a certain company before they headed towards Ruiru.

Mwanzo said the man will be charged because the incident would have turned fatal.

"We will charge him in court because of the manner he handled the incident, it could have easily turned fatal," Mwanzo said.