During Tuesday's Cabinet meeting held at the Kakamega State Lodge, significant decisions were made concerning the advancement of higher education access and the transformation of technical and vocational education.

The session also revolved around important matters pertaining to the 2023/24 placement cycle for University/Higher Education Learning Students and the introduction of a new funding model.

In a demonstration of commitment to fostering equitable opportunities, Cabinet members reached a consensus to waive the need for national identity cards for students under the age of 18.

This move is anticipated to streamline access to higher education, ensuring that a student's age is not a deterrent to pursuing their academic aspirations.

This decision will pave the way for a more inclusive and accessible education system.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, has been entrusted with the responsibility of expediting scholarship availment for all eligible students.

This directive aligns with the government's objective of making financial aid more accessible to deserving scholars, fostering a culture of learning excellence across the nation.

By fast-tracking scholarship opportunities, a generation of skilled individuals who can contribute meaningfully to society will therefore be cultivated.

As part of a broader strategy to fortify the framework of higher education, the Cabinet also addressed the advancement of Technical and Vocational Colleges.

Thirteen institutions have been approved for elevation to National Polytechnic status, a milestone that resonates with the objectives set forth in Sessional Paper No. 1 of 2005: A Framework for Education, Training, and Research.

This landmark document charts the course for the progression of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) graduates.

The approved policy framework stipulates the establishment of at least one National Polytechnic in every county, accompanied by a TVET institution in each constituency. This initiative marks a pivotal stride towards realizing a collective national vision. 

In line with this collective aspiration, the Cabinet's recent decision elevates the following institutions to the esteemed status of National Polytechnics:

1. Maasai Technical Training Institute

2. Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology

3. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology

4. Coast Institute of Technology

5. Tseikuru Technical & Training College

6. Sang’alo Institute of Science & Technology

7. Bureti Technical Vocational College

8. Jeremiah Nyagah Technical Training Institute

9. Mawego Technical Training Institute

10. Baringo Technical Training Institute

These institutions, now National Polytechnics, stand as beacons of educational advancement, serving as catalysts for regional development and progress.