Two civilians, identified as Salim Mohamed Shekue and Fredrick Hamisi Baya, were arrested on Tuesday by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for their alleged involvement in a bribery scheme targeting potential recruits of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

The suspects were apprehended in Magarini, Kilifi County, and are facing accusations of soliciting and receiving a sum of Sh250,000 from a complainant under the pretence of ensuring his recruitment and admission into the KDF during the ongoing recruitment drive.

The complainant, who remains unnamed, reportedly resorted to taking out a bank loan amounting to Sh250,000 in order to fulfil the bribe demands put forth by the suspects.

Shekue and Baya allegedly convinced the complainant that their "deep connections" within the KDF would secure him a coveted spot within the forces.

EACC officials swiftly took action upon receiving the complaint and arrested the suspects, escorting them to the EACC Malindi Regional Offices for processing.

Subsequently, the individuals were formally booked at the Malindi Police Station, where they are presently being detained pending further legal measures.

The apprehension of these suspects highlights the diligence of EACC in monitoring the ongoing recruitment process for the Kenya Defence Forces.

In light of this incident, EACC urged members of the public to refrain from participating in corrupt activities and to promptly report any suspicious incidents related to the recruitment process.

EACC emphasized that the toll-free hotline, 1551, is available for the public to relay any information regarding potential cases of corruption.

"EACC is monitoring the ongoing recruitment exercise and urges members of the public to desist from such corrupt practices and report any suspected incidents to EACC through Toll-Free No. 1551," EACC said.

The Kenya Defence Forces recruitment process is a highly competitive endeavour that draws numerous hopefuls from across the nation.

The allegations against Shekue and Baya underscore the importance of maintaining transparency and integrity in this process, ensuring that deserving individuals are selected based on merit rather than underhanded practices.

As investigations continue, the EACC says it remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding ethical standards and preventing corrupt activities from infiltrating the recruitment process of critical institutions like the Kenya Defence Forces.

The outcome of this case will likely serve as a pivotal moment in deterring future attempts at subverting the integrity of such vital processes.