By Ruth Mueni

Life is a journey more interesting when it comes to dates that remind you of the purpose of living, ices my birthday and I am excited to share a little bit of wisdom with you folks. Many times, I get a lot of Qs and As in my dm concerning career talks, unemployment, youth empowerment and self-esteem issues.

On many occasions I respond directly, but today I would like to share my general thought and wisdom on how many of the young people in Kenya and the world can work towards being a successful youth.

I have worked on the disease to please a lot of people and 2019 I made a big breakthrough. So, I started literally living an intentional life, where I don’t make decisions unless I think what is my true pure motivation for doing it.

I recognise the law of cause-effect. Before you have an action there is a reason for taking that action and there is a result of that action. People keep coming back if your intentions are not really clear.

That took a lot of fear away from me, but at least for me clarity on intention helped me live a brave life without disappointment. It came to my realisations that it is okay for people to get disappointed, judge you and even condemn you.

Like I say, human beings are human beings, you can’t satisfy them enough because even Jesus himself was judged. The people who genuinely care about you will never judge you or be disappointed in you, they will always root for you no matter what they do, they will call you out with love and give you genuine feedback.

So, one of the first agendas of your success in life is to live a life of your own with a true meaning and purpose. People will always have their agenda but the most important thing is that their agenda doesn’t align with yours and that is how you make yourself brave.

In addition, to this stop reading negative comments or accepting negative vibes. It is important to have a high vibration of positive energy in everything you do. Remember God has been so faithful to grant us a new day every morning where you can choose to be who you want to be and achieve your goals.

I personally have a kitchen cabinet - this is a list of friends, my partner, business associates, my spiritual leaders and my mentors, who give me guidance, genuine feedback, scrutiny when need be and at large. Mentors are key in every area of your life, please find one for yourself.

As much as they put a smile on my face, I also take time to learn from their mistakes, highs and lows, their successes and victories. I have become a student of their lives.

There is a sense of confidence that can only come I think, when you are assured you are living a good life and this is not from a point of view of you owning a lot of things but when you live a brave life because you are living your truth.

It’s through my show, Ms Mueni TV, and my award-winning ceremony that I came to realise that there isn’t such a thing as failure. I could see the thread of courage that was required every time you fail, there is another way to be even in your darkest moments.

It has come to my realisation that the reason why we young people fail is because of our goals and ambitions. If we work to make money then we will definitely fail but if your work is aligned with your vision and passion of growth then you will make money without realizing.

There is a reaction to your efforts of passions and desire to succeed. One of the things I proudly pat myself at the back for is trying to be around people who are smarter than me most of the time. The ability to be as good as you can be, comes from the understanding of who you are and what you can and what you canes do.

Always remember what you can’t do is as important as what you can do, and if what you can do is going to keep you flying as high as you can then let it be.

When my late dad came and spoke to me and his words were “You can be an ambassador”, it literally took the ceiling off my brain. This reminds me of the fact that everyone needs somebody in their life to tell them “Yes you can!”

From that day I started pursuing my diplomatic courses and looking at life from a different perspective. As we speak I am on my journey to my ambassadorial preparation position, and I know God is faithful - one day it shall come to pass.

It took my dad to realise my potential and I am working on myself because I believed in his words; May his soul keep resting in eternal peace and glory.

As I wind up, I would like to state that one of the most important lessons to learn is to live a life of purpose and we are responsible for our lives. However, nobody gets through this life alone. Everybody needs someone to show them the way out or the way up!!!

A happy 33rd birthday to me full of profound wisdom and good health!

Ruth Mueni Mukhwana HSC is a Public Communication and Advocacy Practitioner at State House,

Top 40 Under 40 Africa Award winner.

God Bless you Kenya.