Kisumu Boys High School is among the institutions that have been earmarked for relocation away from the city centre.

This development was announced by the Kisumu County Governor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o during a press conference in Nairobi where he was giving updates concerning the upcoming 9th edition of the AfriCities Summit that will be hosted in Kisumu from May 17, 2022, to May 21, 2022.

According to Nyong’o, the institution had no economic value, although it occupies prime land within the city.

Nyong’o emphasised a city is a commercial space and should be run as a profit-making entity.

“Considering the value of the place, that land needs to be useful. We need to construct an integrated urban centre rather than schools,” Nyong’o said.

The institution whose history began in the early 20th century during the construction of the Kenya-Uganda Railway will be moved to a 105-acre parcel of land in the Kibos area.

Other institutions that are going to be affected by Kisumu City’s new plan include Kisumu Girl’s High School, Manyatta Arabs School, Kisumu County Referral Hospital, the Jua Kali Market and the main Kisumu bus terminus.

Nyong’o suggested that instead of having several institutions within the city that each has amenities that consume space such as playing fields and swimming pools they can share the amenities.

“Each school has a field, a swimming pool and other amenities that have occupied land. Why don’t we take them to an area where schools share amenities? We don’t need to have a field for each school in a town,” Nyong’o said.

However, the move to relocate the school has had its fair share of resistance from the school’s old boys who have threatened to sue the Kisumu County Government should it undertake the exercise.

Kisumu County Government intends to revamp Kisumu City’s economy and services in a project dubbed “Transforming Kisumu City through enhanced urban aesthetics”.

The project includes several upgrades in the city’s waste management system, provision of green spaces and improving the public health and sanitation sectors.