He has quickly transformed from a newsroom ‘crime buster’ to a security service provider.

This is the story of Joseph Muraya, a celebrated Nairobi-based journalist specializing in crime, human rights and governance, who has set his eyes on the private security sector.

Over the years, Muraya has been known for his exceptional writing skills and go-getter attitude in pursuing life-changing stories and now wants to do more than highlight the problem.

Kenya has been hit by a wave of insecurity due to among other things a high level of joblessness among the youth, this has worsened since March 2020, when Covid-19 struck.


In a classic move combined with the newsroom at Capital fm in Nairobi, Muraya is hoping to strike two birds with one stone by venturing head first into the private security world.

He says he seeks to create employment for the youth and also be part of the solution to the growing security challenges for investors, residences, construction sites, among others through his Tahasub Security firm, where he is a Director.

“Tahasub security firm has been in existence for quite some time. The firm has deployed more than 150 guards in Nairobi alone and offered a wide range of services, including installing CCTV cameras at home and offices,” he said during an interview with Swala Nyeti.

Tahasub Security is fully Kenyan in a crowded field dominated by foreign security companies and it is headquartered in the capital city Nairobi.

“All our directors are young Kenyans just hoping to make a positive contribution to our society. While this is a business, it is more of giving back to our country. For more jobs to be created, for more investors to come to our country, the environment must be conducive and secure,” he said.

He added, “It is possible to also have respected private security brands. My appeals to the corporate world and all Kenyans of various background, buy Kenya build Kenya should be our guiding principle. Let us support initiatives like Tahasub. It is our young men and women who will get employed. It is our economy that shall grow.”


Kenya has thousands of people employed in the security sector but, according to him, their role in securing the country in areas that have not been exploited yet.

“Imagine if we streamline the sector with our country’s security agencies to ensure there is seamless flow of intelligence. Guards are always number one to witness an incident. This information can be helpful if shared with the authorities and at a timely speed,” said Muraya, who is also in charge of communications, innovations and strategy at Tahasub.

He added, “The private security industry is a crucial component of security and safety in Kenya and the world.”

Private security is responsible for protecting many of the country’s institutions and critical infrastructure, and for protecting intellectual property and sensitive corporate information.

In Kenya, companies rely heavily on private security for a wide range of functions, including protecting employees and property, conducting investigations, performing pre-employment screening, providing information technology security, and many other functions.

“At Tahasub, we also have a category for VIP protection and moreso during the electioneering period. Campaigns are not predictable, it is always advisable to have someone watching over you as a candidate,” he said.

He added, “We cannot all manage to have a police officer on our gates or as body guards. But we can afford to hire a qualified security guard.”

So, is Muraya still a practicing journalist?

“I am a journalist for life. You will see my byline at Capital FM Kenya website or Shahidi News even as I work on achieving a more secure country for all,” he said with a sly smile.


Muraya has been a journalist for a decade now and is also the current Secretary General of the Crime Journalists Association of Kenya (CJAK).

Through CJAK, he has been pushing for the welfare of journalists in Kenya and promoting mental health among crime reporters through the association’s mental wellness program.

With his new cap, he has committed to equally fight for the welfare of security guards.

“At Tahasub, our employees are our partners. They are our ambassadors and their welfare comes first,” stressed Muraya.

The firm currently has two offices in Nairobi, with a plan to expand to other parts of Kenya, said the Tahasub company director.

“Spending on your safety and security and that of your property is a necessity. Having a security guard at your gate is no longer a mark of wealth, it is a need. At Tahasub Security, we invest time in an intensive selection process, which includes in-depth background checks. Once hired, our security guards undergo rigorous training in first aid, fire prevention, customer service and more.

“They help maintain a safe environment and reassure both your employees and the public. When it comes to handling an incident with minimal disruption to your operations, Tahasub security guards can make all the difference.”