In the new ranking done by Hooper HQ, local TikTok sensation Azziad Nasenya topped the Kenyan list of the most paid influencers on Instagram.

The list ranked top 100 influencers from the world and Africa who make good money through their Instagram pages.

In Kenya, Azziad and Anerlisa Muigai ranked in positions 28 and 30 respectively in Africa's top 50 list, whereas in the world's top 400 list they were ranked 257 and 271 respectively.

Anerlisa Muigai. PHOTO/COURTESY

Egyptian and Liverpool football star Mohammed Salah took position one in the African list and he is reported to charge USD231,000 per post (Sh25,155,900).

Among the Kenyan ladies who topped the list, Azziad charges Sh545,000 for a single post and Anerlisa gets Sh436,000 per post.

Wabosha Maxine. PHOTO/COURTESY

Other Kenyans who appeared in the list are fashion bloggers Wabosha Maxine, who was ranked 35, followed by Joy Kendi at number 37, Sharon Mundia at 38 and Silvia Njoki at 45.

Wabosha allegedly bags Sh174,000 per post while Joy Kendi receives Sh130,000 for every single post.


Sharon Mundia alias This is Ess charges Sh98,000 and Silvia Njoki earns Sh43,000 a post.