Coke Studio has struck a harmonious partnership with Africa's iconic music festival, SolFest, the much-anticipated music festival hosted by illustrious music powerhouse, Sauti Sol.

The festival, aptly named "The Last Dance," is set to witness the grand finale of Sauti Sol, renowned as a musical powerhouse, as they bid their fans adieu, embarking on a hiatus from group performances. 

With Coca-Cola, the world-renowned soft drink giant as the official soft drink partner, festival-goers are promised a refreshing and unforgettable musical experience.

COKE STUDIO, a musical platform that has earned its stripes since its inception in 2017, has aligned forces with SolFest, unveiling a partnership destined to redefine live music experiences.

The fusion of Coke Studio and SolFest under the banner of "The Last Dance" promises an electric atmosphere, driven by the partnership of Coke Studio and Coca-Cola, the official soft drink sponsor.

This season, Coke Studio has deepened its connection with audiences through an increased number of partnerships with various festivals, listening parties, and campus tours across the country, thereby strengthening the bond with their fans.

Isabelle Kariuki-Rostom, Coca-Cola's Marketing Director for East and Central Africa, expressed the company's enthusiasm for this unique partnership.

"Passion fuels everything we do at Coca-Cola, and nothing gets people moving, celebrating, and enjoying life like live music does. Music, just like sharing a Coca-Cola, brings people together, and when we mix them together, it creates real magic," Isabelle said.

"Our goal for Coke Studio is to always be music-driven and fan-first by bringing unique music and music experiences to the forefront. We are thrilled to join forces with SolFest to share this experience with fans."

The convergence of Solfest, Coke Studio, and Coca-Cola is expected to set the stage for a game-changing event that combines musical enchantment, refreshment, and fan involvement.

Festival attendees can anticipate a spectrum of thrilling on-site activities and engagements, immersing themselves in a full-fledged Coke Studio experience, winning exclusive merchandise, and creating cherished memories that will endure a lifetime.

For those unable to attend the event in person, content from the Coke Studio global platform is readily accessible to fans via the official website at

This ensures that music enthusiasts worldwide can join in the excitement and revel in the harmonious partnership between Coke Studio, Coca-Cola, and Sauti Sol's SolFest.

The collaboration between Coke Studio, Sauti Sol's final performance, and SolFest marks a significant milestone in the live music landscape, symbolizing a remarkable synergy between the world of music and a refreshing drink experience. 

As the countdown to "The Last Dance" begins, anticipation surges among fans eagerly awaiting a farewell performance that promises to be a culmination of musical excellence and a celebration of the enduring power of music to unite people.