Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has unveiled "Auto Blocker," a new security tool integrated into One UI 6, aimed at fortifying the safety of Samsung Galaxy users in line with their individual preferences and habits.

Dr. Seungwon Shin, EVP & Head of Security Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, highlighted the company's commitment to user empowerment.

"At Samsung, we constantly strive to keep our users safe from security attacks, and with the introduction of Auto Blocker, users can continue to enjoy the benefits of our open ecosystem, knowing that their mobile experience is secured," Shin stated.

Auto Blocker offers users the autonomy to fine-tune their security settings, notably the prevention of app installations from unauthorized sources, known as sideloading.

Dr. Shin emphasized, "We always seek to empower our users to choose for themselves what best suits their needs – rather than us deciding on their behalf, and Auto Blocker is no exception to that."

While intentional sideloading grants enhanced customization and control, activating Auto Blocker adds an extra layer of security, effectively stalling potential social engineering attacks, such as voice phishing, by impeding the installation of malicious software.

Moreover, the feature includes additional controls such as app security checks to detect potential malware and prevent harmful software installations via USB cable, safeguarding users even in scenarios where physical access to their device is granted, such as charging a phone at an airport.

The updated Message Guard, initially launched for select messaging apps, now extends its protection to popular third-party applications, mitigating Zero Click attacks where direct image messages could conceal malicious code.

Samsung's Auto Blocker aligns with the company's dedication to fortifying security standards while offering users greater control over their devices within the Galaxy ecosystem.

This feature bolsters Samsung's suite of security and privacy innovations, optimizing the mobile experience for users across compatible One UI 6-enabled Galaxy devices.

Auto Blocker is now available to further secure Samsung Galaxy devices, providing users with an expanded choice in tailoring their security preferences.