A city couple was all smiles on Valentine’s Day after Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa made their dream of having a coffee date with him come true on Tuesday morning.

Ndegwa narrated how Michael Ollinga had written him an email requesting him to help make the dream of his fiancée Caroline Gathungu of meeting and sharing a cup of coffee come true.

“A few days ago, I received an email from Michael Ollinga, who requested me to help fulfill his fiancée’s dream by meeting over a cup of coffee,” Ndegwa revealed.

The Safaricom CEO revealed that the request by Michael melted his heart and he accepted the challenge so that the man can please his partner, especially coming on Valentine’s Day.

“I was impressed by how Michael went out of his way to pursue what he felt would please the love of his life,” the Safaricom CEO went on.

He added, “In the spirit of Valentine’s, I was more than happy to meet Caroline. I met Michael earlier and together we planned on how to surprise his fiancée.”

Michael and Caroline were visibly elated to meet and have a in-depth discussion on the telcos, the telecommunications sector in Kenya and life in general with the Safaricom CEO.

“After the lovely surprise in my office, I sat with the lovely couple and had a very engaging conversation with them,” Ndegwa stated.

They did no go home empty-handed as Ndegwa rewarded them with bouquets of flowers and bags full of goodies for each as they went on to enjoy the international day of lovers.

“I wish Michael and Caroline a happy and prosperous future together,” he concluded.

Happy Valentine's everyone! 

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