DIB Bank Kenya on Tuesday hosted its women customers for a financial literacy conference in a bid to empower them to better comprehend Islamic Banking and entrepreneurship.

The conference in Nairobi themed “Money talks every woman should have in her 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's,” attracted more than 200 women from different religious backdrops in Kenya.

The critical conference hosted by DIB sought to unpack the basics on women’s personal finance, savings and investment, shariah of money, as well as business management.

DIB Bank Kenya Acting CEO Rose Kagucia stressed on the importance of inculcating a culture of financial literacy in the current young generation to establish a great foundation in Kenya.

“For a while, women have faced challenges when it comes to financial independence and growth. I’m happy that as society evolves, women are rising up to take on challenges in business, leadership and the socio-political arenas,” said Kagucia.

DIB Bank Kenya Shariah Coordinator Shaykh Badru Jaffar. PHOTO/DIB

She added: “This conference has brought together great minds and I hope everyone who was here has learnt a lot about women’s personal finance, savings, and investment, shariah of money, and business management.”

The conference by DIB Kenya brought together policymakers, politicians, investors, economists, academics, and non-state actors among other key stakeholders across board.

“Such engagements provide a lifetime opportunity for people to learn, interact and network on financial matters that are crucial in today’s life. I hope each one of us here has benefited and we look forward to more of such engagement around the country,” said Garissa Governor Nathif Jama.

Nathif Jama. PHOTO/DIB

The bank noted that there has been a steady rise in demand for shariah-compliant products and services and in the process grown Islamic Finance popularity over the past 10 years.

However, lack of public awareness has hindered its adoption and the seminar sought to overcome the literacy hurdles and misconception on the customer base Islamic Finance covers.