Nairobi’s Alchemist Club has been on the receiving end of a public backlash after the establishment was accused of racial profiling.

Kenyans reacted to a video that went viral online that showed a black person presumably a Kenyan citizen being turned away from the establishment.

A keen person who witnessed the incident recorded the video in which the black person had joined a queue which had people who were predominantly white but was turned away and asked to go and join another queue which only had black people.

What caught the eyes of many people was the fact the person who turned away the poor fellow who probably did not know that he had just been racially discriminated was also a black person.

This raised questions one of them that many people raised including the person who shared the video online was how racism will ever be fought if the person one race has prejudices against itself.

“How will we ever beat racism if we are racist against our own selves. Last week when I went to Alchemist there was a line for white and Indian people separate from the blacks’. One black guy tried using the line akachujwa immediately. This is sad really,” Murgor said.

The establishment’s management has issued a statement acknowledging the complaints and promised to take action.

Sources say that the discrimination does not stop at the establishment’s entrance but is so much alive even in the services inside because white people allegedly receive preferential treatment and are usually offered the best seats at the establishments which are reserved only for them.

The video elicited strong and mixed reactions from Kenyans who had the gut to watch it and here are some of their reactions: