The ICT CS Joe Mucheru has expressed his confidence that Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga will win the August election in the first round.

Mucheru said there will be no need for the second round of vote because all indicators point out to the first that Raila will get the required 50 per cent plus one vote.

Data they have, opinion polls and other similar factors informed his remarks he said.

“We will not require a round two vote… All indicators are that he will take it in round One. The data we have, the opinion polls available and many other factors point to that reality,” Mucheru said.

Mucheru said Raila did not need help winning the election through unorthodox means and even if that was the case, it is technically impossible because it was impossible to cheat the electoral process.

“Even if we wanted to, it is technically impossible to corrupt the process of picking the fifth president for the country,” Mucheru added.

The CS said Kenya Kwanza Alliance is psychologically programming their supporters to reject the election results by purporting there was a plot to rig the election and are riding on the government’s back to peddle the rumour.

Mucheru encouraged the Kenya Kwanza faction to approach the poll and lose fair and square because nobody is interested in stealing their votes.

He said the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) ICT system is ready to go and the by the poll date there will be 100 per cent internet coverage in all the polling stations in the country.

"Even if we wanted to, it is technically impossible to corrupt the process of picking the fifth president for the country," the CS said.

Mucheru revealed many people have confided in them that they will vote for Azimio coalition because of their choice for a running mate.

"The other wing messed by picking the one they did. That person is doing them no good but it is their problem and they know why they made their decision," Mucheru said.

“But Karua has excited Kenyans and added value to Mr Odinga’s contest. Many people have confided to us that they will turn out and vote because Karua is credible and represents their aspirations.”

Mucheru said defended his move to support openly Raila’s presidency, saying being a CS does not take away his democratic rights as a Kenyan with the freedom of choice.

“Since being a Cabinet Secretary does not in any way take away my democratic right as a Kenyan with freedom of choice in matters of national importance… we were taken to court in 2017 and the judiciary ruled that there is no law breached when government officers make a stand that helps their regime achieve its causes.”

Mucheru said whoever had a problem with Cabinet Secretaries campaigning for a political candidate to take up the matter with the courts.