BBC Africa became the butt of the joke on Monday after it aired on its Youtube channel a documentary titled “Kenya’s Spy Queen” about Kenyan ‘private detective’ Jane Mugo.

The documentary aired on its investigative segment BBC Africa Eye focused on the controversial and eccentric personal and ‘investigative’ life of Mugo in the country.

In the piece, BBC presenter Sharon Machira interviews Mugo who showcases the crude and dubious methods she and her team of investigators use in their probe and interrogation.

Jane Mugo and BBC's Sharon Machira. PHOTO/SCREENSHOT

From a dog named Hitler, because he “hits a lot” to her chef who tastes all her food to ensure they are poison-free and her team’s leader and trainer Charlie One who whips his trainees.

In the piece, Mugo brags about being the best private investigator globally and is being fought by many due to her prowess and their own vested interests in cases she supposedly handles.

Jane Mugo and her squad. PHOTO/SCREENSHOT

However, Kenyans are not swallowing her story, raising many queries about the whole documentary and the editorial judgment, while many others decided to have fun with it.

Here are some of the hilarious reactions to the story that trended for the better part of Monday: