Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has taken swift action following the tragic fire in Mradi estate, Embakasi last week, ordering the immediate closure of all gas businesses operating within residential areas.

This decisive move aims to enhance public safety and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

"I have directed all the 17 sub-county administration officers to ensure all gas businesses operating within residential areas are closed with immediate effect," Sakaja declared during a visit to some of the bereaved families affected by the fire.

The governor's directive comes amid growing concerns about the safety hazards posed by gas businesses located in close proximity to homes.

The Mradi estate fire, which claimed several lives, has served as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of such close proximity.

Governor Sakaja emphasized that a list of targeted premises would be released on the same day, ensuring swift action and minimizing delays in enforcement.

He further assured the public that the owners of the premises involved in the Mradi estate fire would be held accountable.

"I want to assure Nairobians that the owners of the premises where the incident took place shall be held responsible and accountable," he stated firmly.

The governor's decisive action on gas businesses operating in residential areas demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing public safety and preventing future tragedies.

This move is likely to have a significant impact on the city's landscape, as gas businesses will need to relocate to designated commercial areas.

While some may view this as an inconvenience, the potential for improved safety outweighs any temporary disruption.