Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is set to enhance its operational capacity with the acquisition of 43.42 hectares (approximately 108 acres) of land from the National Land Commission (NLC) to establish a one-stop-border post (OSBP) in Kajiado County and three camps for rapid response units in Turkana County.

In Kajiado County, the KRA has secured 6.08 hectares (15.2 acres) for the OSBP, which will serve as a pivotal hub for border-related activities.

Gershom Otachi, Chairman of the National Land Commission, emphasized the specific purpose of the allocated land, stating, "The land shall only be used for: The One Stop Border Post and ancillary services only."

Meanwhile, in Turkana County, the KRA will construct camps for its rapid response units, with land allocations of 20.94 hectares (52 acres) in Lomokori, 8.096 hectares (20.24 acres) in Kainuk Township, and 8.632 hectares (21.6 acres) in Kakuma.

The OSBP concept is a key driver of the KRA's strategy, promoting a coordinated and integrated approach to facilitate trade, streamline the movement of people, and enhance security along the nation's borders.

This innovative approach eliminates the need for travellers and goods to undergo the cumbersome process of stopping twice for border crossing formalities.

At an OSBP, individuals and vehicles pause once to exit one country and enter another.

All border formalities, as well as the processing of documentation for goods and travel, are seamlessly conducted within a single clearance hall, simplifying and expediting the transition between nations.

Furthermore, if cargo inspection becomes necessary, it is carried out efficiently through a joint inspection process involving all relevant agencies from both countries.

The KRA currently operates OSBPs at strategic border points, including Busia and Malaba along the border with Uganda, Moyale on the border with Ethiopia, and Holili and Lunga Lunga along the border with Tanzania.

These OSBPs have played an important role in boosting the KRA's revenue collection, as evidenced by their remarkable success.

By April 2022, the authority had collected Sh810 million compared to Sh553 million during a similar period in the previous year.

KRA hopes that the allocation of land for the new OSBP and rapid response unit camps Will improve efficiency, promote international trade, and safeguard the nation's borders.

As these developments progress, the KRA aims to further enhance its revenue collection capabilities and contribute to Kenya's economic growth and security.