Glovo has teamed up with the Nairobi County Government to launch a pioneering initiative called the "Catalyst Project."

The primary objective of this collaboration is to enhance courier safety training in the city, while also promoting professionalism and best practices within the dispatch courier and delivery driver community.

This joint effort aims to create a more efficient and proficient courier network, with a strong focus on prioritizing road safety.

Under the Catalyst Project, essential training sessions will be conducted to educate couriers on advanced motorcycle riding techniques, ensuring heightened road safety.

Moreover, couriers will receive in-depth instruction on customer service, financial literacy, and digital skills, all of which are crucial for fostering a thriving courier ecosystem in the country.

Caroline Mutuku, the Country Manager for Glovo Kenya, expressed her enthusiasm for the transformative initiative.

"Through this transformative initiative, we aim to empower couriers with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in their roles while prioritizing road safety," Mutoko stated.

"We are grateful for the strong support from the Nairobi Government, which shares in our vision to create a thriving ecosystem for couriers in the city and has been instrumental in making this project a reality."

Nanzia Johm Mbaga, Impact & Sustainability Lead for Glovo Africa, reiterated Glovo's commitment to driving positive change in the courier industry.

She emphasized the company's dedication to promoting safer roads, enhancing customer experiences, and positively impacting the overall growth of couriers not only in Nairobi but also beyond its boundaries.

“Through these initiatives, Glovo remains steadfast in its mission to foster positive change within the courier industry and promote safer roads, improve customer experiences, and impact the overall growth of couriers in Nairobi and beyond," Mbaga said.

Molly Achieng, the County Deputy Director, Donor Coordination, and Stakeholder Engagement, underscored that the Catalyst Project is not merely about equipping couriers to carry passengers and packages; it seeks to foster a culture of empowerment, professionalism, and community engagement among them.

"The MoU between Nairobi City County and Glovo is premised on 4 pillars, namely SME Growth and investment, Courier services, sustainable development, and thought partnership, including digitization of courier and Boda Boda services in the city," said Achieng, highlighting the comprehensive nature of the initiative.

A grand total of 150 couriers shall derive advantage from the esteemed Catalyst Project, comprising 50 Glovo couriers and the remaining 100 hailing from the city county.

The program's inaugural training event took place on Tuesday, dignified by the presence of officials from both the Nairobi County and the Transport department, exemplifying their collective dedication to the triumph of this fruitful alliance.

With Glovo and the Nairobi County Government at the forefront, the Catalyst Project is set to make significant strides in enhancing courier safety and professionalism.

By providing couriers with essential skills and knowledge, this collaboration promises to foster safer roads, improved customer experiences, and a flourishing courier industry in Nairobi and its surrounding areas.