LG Electronics (LG) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technologies have won international accolades for their high performance.

The Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) awarded LG the Performance Award for the fourth straight year.

A total of 57 LG HVAC solutions across seven product categories passed AHRI’s evaluation for the third year in a row (2018 to 2020).

The models that were evaluated and passed the comprehensive performance evaluation cut across LG’s residential and commercial segments.

LG says the AHRI awards are a strong endorsement of its innovative capabilities as a consumer brand.

“LG has been solidifying its excellent reputation in the HVAC market due to its exceptional, in-house-developed technologies and has recorded steady growth for twelve consecutive years,” said James Lee, head of the Air Solution Business Unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company.


He added, “We will continue to strengthen our competitiveness in the region and around the globe through HVAC solutions that provide the highest levels of performance, durability and flexibility.”

AHRI tested LG models in the following categories: Variable Refrigerant Airflow (VRF), Variable-Speed Mini-Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioners, Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners (PTAC), Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP), Water-Cooled Chillers, Air-Cooled Chillers, and Room Fan Coil Units.

In awarding the Performance Award, AHRI works with experts at Intertek, a leading standards and certification organization, to assess whether actual product performance matches the listed specifications.

AHRI then randomly selects 20 percent of models within each manufacturer-specified product category.


Only those companies whose products have passed the primary performance evaluation for three years consecutively are eligible for the Performance Award.

One of the products tested was Multi V, LG’s flagship large-capacity outdoor unit, which uses the company’s innovative Ultimate Inverter Compressor to deliver strong performance and energy efficiency.

Very popular in countries where winter is usually long and harsh, LG’s VRF system provides reliable heating operations, even in temperatures as low as negative-30 degrees Celsius (negative-22 degrees Fahrenheit).

Also evaluated was LG Multi V Water, a water source cooling system with a plate-type heat exchanger for better thermal efficiency.

The company’s solution also saves energy by adjusting the volume of water heated/cooled based on the number of outdoor units in operation.


A third product to pass AHRI’s assessment, LG’s air-cooled Inverter Scroll Chiller is a highly-efficient solution powered by advanced inverter technology.

With a footprint of only 1.6 square meters (20-refrigerator ton model), the compact unit delivers a high level of performance without taking up a significant amount of space.

Founded in 1953, AHRI is a respected trade association representing global manufacturers of HVAC, refrigeration and water heating solutions.

AHRI currently boasts more than 350 member companies – including all of the industry’s top names – and its product evaluation and certification programs are trusted by B2B and B2C customers worldwide.