Former Kenya Rugby Sevens coach Benjamin Ayimba is reported to be in critical condition and is in the biggest and toughest fight of his life at a hospital in Nairobi as his family appeals to Kenyans for help.

The former rugby player is said to have fallen ill last year and has been in and out of hospital since and was re-admitted three weeks ago suffering from cerebral malaria.

Ayimba is fighting for his life in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) as doctors work round the clock to stabilise him and he reportedly is unable to speak or recognise anyone due to the severity of the ailment.

The family of the rugby legend has made public his current medical woes which have proven overwhelming as the medical bill also continues to soar and currently stands at more than Sh2.2 million.

“All this while we have tried to maintain his privacy and dignity but it has reached a point where we can’t keep quiet anymore,” said the family.

Benjamin Ayimba. PHOTO/COURTESY

Ayimba's elder brother says he needs to be moved to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment but only after he clears his outstanding bill at the private facility.

The family is now appealing to well-wishers to help them settle the huge bill so that he can be transferred to KNH and have a chance at life as they have also exhausted resources.

“The family thought it was not going to be this serious. So, we didn’t want to cause alarm, but where we have reached now, we call upon the rest of the country to come to our help. With the hospital bill now standing at over Sh2.2 million, we need help as we have exhausted family resources,” said the family.