The government has halted the distribution of NPK 10:26:10 fertilizer, a subsidized product crucial for farmers, amid concerns it may not meet the required quality standards.

In a letter seen by Swala Nyeti, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Fisheries addressed the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB), requesting a suspension of the fertilizer's distribution "with immediate effect."

The letter, signed by Agriculture Principal Secretary Dr. Kipronoh Ronoh, cites a recent inspection visit by ministry officials that raised doubts about the fertilizer's quality.

"Following a spot visit by Ministry was established that the above fertilizer being distributed under subsidy programme may not be meeting the required standards as earlier indicated," the letter states.

The NCPB has been tasked with conducting a thorough investigation to determine the fertilizer's true specifications before it can be reintroduced into the subsidy program.

The letter emphasizes that "in the event the fertilizer is found not to be meeting specifications, the supplier will be penalized and meet the full cost."

This development has left many Kenyan farmers in a state of uncertainty, as the government touted the subsidized fertilizer as a vital tool for improving crop yields and ensuring food security.

However, the government has not yet provided a timeline for the investigation or when the distribution might resume.

The specific fertilizer in question is manufactured by Ken Chemical Ltd, and it is unclear at this stage whether other fertilizers distributed through the subsidy program are also affected.