Interior CS Kithure Kindiki has launched a fresh onslaught on corrupt officials within the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services, highlighting systemic inefficiencies and low investment in passport production infrastructure.

The announcement Kindiki made on Friday marked the beginning of a decisive crackdown on corruption within the passport issuance system.

"Beginning this morning, a crackdown has been commenced to identify all corrupt officials. Those found culpable will be removed from service, and held personally accountable by prosecution and surcharged," CS Kindiki declared, 

In a candid acknowledgement of the challenges plaguing passport issuance in Kenya, CS Kindiki addressed the nation, expressing deep concern over the longstanding issues impeding the Government's efforts to revamp the passport acquisition process.

"Many years of low investment in the passport production infrastructure, piling supplier debts, and corrupt practices continue to undermine the Government’s program initiated last year to transform the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services," Kindiki stated.

The ramifications of these challenges are palpable for many Kenyans, who face prolonged wait times and bureaucratic hurdles in obtaining passports.

CS Kindiki empathized with the citizens, recognizing their pain and frustration.

"Many Kenyans continue to experience pain and frustration as they seek passports to facilitate their movement beyond our borders for whatever reason," he remarked.

The inability to obtain passports has far-reaching consequences, affecting employment opportunities, access to medical care, education, business ventures, and leisure travel.

CS Kindiki acknowledged the severity of the situation, emphasizing, "The prevailing state of affairs is inexcusable, considering that it is the right of every Kenyan to acquire citizenship documents, including travel documents."

Taking responsibility for the sluggish pace of reforms, CS Kindiki assured swift action to address the underlying issues.

"The Government undertakes to conclusively resolve this matter and create efficiency and timely service delivery in the shortest time possible," he pledged.

Measures have been initiated to secure funds and settle outstanding debts owed to suppliers.

Despite the challenges, CS Kindiki appealed for patience from the people of Kenya, urging them to trust in the Government's commitment to resolving the passport issuance crisis. 

As the Government embarks on this renewed effort to streamline passport issuance, the spotlight remains on ensuring accountability, transparency, and efficiency within the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services.