In a harrowing incident that has cast a pall over the Kapweria area, a 13-year-old girl has shockingly taken the life of her 55-year-old mother in a violent confrontation over a mobile phone.

The tragedy unfolded as the teenager, in a bid to assert her independence, wielded a machete against her mother, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

According to Trans-Mara East sub-county police boss, Boniface Kavoo, the fatal altercation occurred when the mother sought to reclaim the phone her daughter was using for undisclosed communication.

The situation escalated quickly, resulting in the young girl resorting to a deadly act of violence.

"It's a scenario where her mother wanted to repossess the phone her daughter was using to chat with. It seems the deceased was a strict mother, and she wasn't happy about her girl doing a lot of communication without her knowledge. The suspect used all the means to fight her mother back, which ended in a fatality," Officer Kavoo explained, shedding light on the underlying tensions within the household.

Neighbours, alerted by the cries emanating from the suspect's residence, rushed to the scene only to discover the victim in excruciating pain and pleading for assistance.

Despite efforts to save her, the mother succumbed to the severe head injuries inflicted during the altercation, leading to substantial blood loss.

In an attempt to conceal the evidence, the teenage suspect reportedly disposed of the murder weapon into a pit latrine.

However, subsequent admissions by the girl confirmed her involvement in the tragic incident.

The motive behind the brutal act was revealed as a desperate desire for freedom, with the young assailant confessing to the murder during police interrogation.

The lifeless body of the victim has been transferred to the Kapkatet Hospital mortuary, while the teenage perpetrator is currently held in custody at the Emurua Dikirr police station.

The community grapples with the shock of this unsettling event, highlighting the profound consequences that can arise from familial disputes, particularly when fueled by issues of autonomy and communication.