In a significant stride towards fostering safer and more positive online experiences for families, Meta has officially unveiled its Family Centre with Supervision Tools and Education Hub in Kenya.

This initiative aims to equip parents and guardians with the necessary resources to ensure the safety and wellbeing of teens in the digital realm.

The parental supervision tools embedded in the Family Centre offer access to a wealth of expert-driven safety and wellbeing resources.

These tools are designed to notify teenagers about predetermined time limits, provide alerts when their online time is nearly exhausted, and prompt them to close the application—an approach that encourages purposeful management of online time.

Furthermore, these tools create a platform for parents to actively support their teenagers, ensuring that they engage in age-appropriate digital experiences.

This nuanced approach seeks to strike a balance between autonomy and guidance, fostering a safer online environment for adolescents.

The Education Hub, an integral component of Meta’s Family Centre, serves as a comprehensive repository of trusted information for parents, guardians, and teenagers alike.

Covering essential topics such as digital wellness, relationships, and communication, the hub offers expert insights, conversation starters, and informative articles.

It empowers families to navigate the complexities of today's online world while sharing valuable tips for a more supportive digital experience.

Sylvia Musalagani, Meta’s Head of Safety Policy for Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey, emphasized the company's dedication to the online education, empowerment, and safety of teenagers.

"Through Meta’s Family Centre, we aim to help families build positive online habits together. Our parental supervision tools and education hub provide the necessary resources for age-appropriate teen experiences, along with the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world responsibly and foster healthier online habits," she affirmed.

Kenya now joins South Africa as the second country in Africa to benefit from Meta's global launch of the Family Centre, marking a pivotal step towards creating a safer and more constructive digital landscape for families across the continent.