In a strategic operation driven by intelligence, a team of officers based at Central Police Station in Mombasa successfully arrested five individuals suspected of being members of an organized criminal group operating in the Sargoi area and its adjacent neighbourhoods.

The suspects, identified as Vincent Ochieng, Shadrack Ochieng, Felix Otieno, Salim Ali, and Shafi Yusuf, gained attention when a video surfaced showing them proudly displaying items believed to be stolen from their victims.

Following their apprehension, a thorough search resulted in the recovery of incriminating evidence.

The seized belongings, consistent with those showcased in the video, included a navy blue jacket, three iPhones, a Samsung phone, a Memojo phone, Bluetooth headphones, and various other items.

The arrested individuals are currently in police custody, and the legal process is underway for their formal arraignment.

Authorities emphasize the importance of community cooperation in addressing organized crime and assure residents that such criminal activities will be met with swift and decisive action.

The success of this operation highlights the significance of intelligence-led initiatives in tackling criminal networks.

The police remain committed to maintaining the safety and security of the Sargoi area and its surroundings, sending a clear message that criminal activities will not be tolerated.