The Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) Foundation is making significant strides in promoting education as it invests Sh5 million in the construction of a science complex at Alliance Girls’ High School in Kiambu County.

This generous contribution facilitated through a partnership with Oil Marketing Companies, aims to elevate learning conditions for more than 420 students by creating eight state-of-the-art science laboratories.

Irene Wachira, Trustee of KPC Foundation, emphasized the commitment to educational enhancement and community growth.

"We recognize the pivotal role that educational institutions play in shaping the future. We believe that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Through this investment, we seek to promote inclusive learning by addressing community needs and working with partners to empower parents and learners," Wachira stated.

The Chief Principal of Alliance Girls’ High School, Mrs. Jedidah Mwangi, expressed gratitude to the partners for their generous response to the school's needs.

"We are constructing a state-of-the-art science complex that will not only serve our students but scholars from across the Country," Mwangi said.

In addition to the project at Alliance Girls’ High School, the KPC Foundation has extended its impact in Kiambu County by investing Sh2.5 million in the construction of an ablution block at Uthiru Primary School.

Furthermore, the Foundation allocated Sh2.5 million towards the construction of an administration block and renovation of classrooms at Nachu Primary School.

Since its establishment in 2016, the KPC Foundation has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to education, having spent over Sh172 million on the delivery of education services through infrastructure and ancillary equipment.

This includes the construction of eight laboratories in schools across various counties.

Among its educational initiatives is the flagship scholarship program called INUKA, designed to empower learners with disabilities.

This program has benefited over 650 needy and disabled children from all 47 counties in Kenya.

Annually, the Foundation facilitates the adoption of 94 students, with a budget exceeding Sh60 million, covering school fees, basic needs, mentoring, psychosocial support, and leadership development.

In Kiambu County alone, 14 students have benefited from this scholarship program, marking a significant contribution to the education landscape in the region.