President William Ruto welcomed His Excellency Gen. Abdel-Fattah Al Burhan, President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council of Sudan, in Nairobi on Monday for crucial bilateral talks focusing on the security situation in Sudan and the wider region.

The discussions delved into the ongoing peace initiatives, with special attention given to the progress of the Jeddah and IGAD processes.

The two leaders, cognizant of the pressing need for a swift resolution to the conflict in Sudan, emphasized the urgency of finding a solution at the earliest.

In a joint agreement, the leaders articulated the following key points:

Acceleration of Jeddah Process: Acknowledging the sluggish pace of progress in the Jeddah peace process, the leaders highlighted the necessity to expedite efforts towards achieving a cessation of hostilities and ensuring effective humanitarian assistance in Sudan.

IGAD Summit: Both leaders committed to collaborating towards the prompt convening of an urgent IGAD Summit.

The primary objective of the summit will be to explore avenues for expediting the Jeddah process, with a particular focus on achieving a cessation of hostilities within Sudan.

All-Inclusive Sudanese Dialogue Framework: The proposed summit will not only concentrate on expediting ongoing processes but also seek consensus on a comprehensive framework for an all-inclusive Sudanese dialogue.

This framework aims to provide a broad platform for various stakeholders to contribute to a sustainable and inclusive solution.

President Ruto, expressing his commitment to the cause, assured that he would brief the Chair of IGAD on the outcomes and discussions of the meeting, reinforcing the collaborative effort towards lasting peace in Sudan.

The meeting between Presidents Ruto and Al Burhan signals a strong diplomatic push to address the complex security situation in Sudan, reflecting a shared commitment to resolving conflicts and fostering stability in the region.

As both leaders set the stage for an accelerated peace process, the international community will closely observe the outcomes of the upcoming IGAD Summit and the subsequent developments in Sudan.