A court has granted an extended 10-day detention period for the five suspects linked to the Sh94 million Quickmart Supermarket heist.

Ismael Patrick, Michael Matolo, Samuel Onyango, Martin Nderi, and James Mbatia will be confined to Capitol Hill Police Station until November 27, 2023, with a subsequent hearing scheduled to evaluate the progress of the investigation.

Magistrate Zainab Abdul, presiding over the case, justified the decision by emphasizing the substantial amount stolen from Quickmart Supermarket, asserting that the police require ample time to conduct a thorough investigation.

"Quite a colossal sum of money was stolen from Quickmart Supermarket, and police require time to carry out the investigation," she noted.

Magistrate Abdul further highlighted the prosecution's statement regarding the recovery of only Sh1.9 million, underscoring the need for an extended investigation period.

The court's decision aligns with the prosecution's request for additional time to scrutinize the details surrounding the heist.

In addition to the detention order, the court directed that Matolo, Onyango, and Mbatia undergo a medical examination at a hospital, while Nderi will receive treatment at the police station.

All five suspects are reported employees of Wells Fargo Security Limited.

They stand accused, along with alleged accomplices, of orchestrating the theft during the transit of funds from Quickmart to Family Bank Limited.

During the heist that went down last Monday, a sum of Sh94,918,750 was stolen.

Two employees of the security firm Wells Fargo, who were entrusted with transporting the substantial funds, mysteriously vanished.