President William Ruto has unveiled a significant plan to address long-standing land disputes in the Coast region, providing a Sh1 billion fund to buy land from absentee landlords and resettle squatters.

This landmark move is aimed at ending perennial land conflicts in the area and ensuring the local population can live with secure land rights.

"We have budgeted Sh1 billion to pay off all the absentee landlords and give those lands to our people to ensure they don't live as squatters," Ruto announced during his visit to the region.

This commitment reflects the government's determination to resolve historical land injustices and promote social and economic stability.

In addition to this monumental announcement, Ruto is set to launch a Sh2 billion fishing port in Shimoni, located in Kwale County.

The inauguration of the new port signifies the government's investment in the coastal region's economic development, particularly in the fishing industry.

During the launch of a 33-kilometer road connecting Bamburi, Mwakirunge, Rabai, and Kaloleni, held at Kiembeni in Mombasa, the Head of State assured the people that his administration would prioritize addressing land challenges.

Ruto shared his plans to deploy the Lands Cabinet Secretary, Alice Wahome, to the Coast region next week to resolve the persistent land injustices.

"I will resolve land challenges. That I promise you. We will follow the law and ensure everyone's rights are respected. But you will get back your lands. The CS will be at the Coast from Saturday," he stated, reaffirming his commitment to delivering a fair resolution to these issues.

Ruto has also revealed his intention to stay in the Coast region for a week to launch various development projects.