Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, his wife Susan Wangari, and their co-accused are set to face trial after a court ruled that they have a case to answer in a Sh588 million road tender scam.

Chief Magistrate Thomas Nzioki made this decision, citing the direct implication of Waititu, his spouse, and companies associated with them in the road tender scandal.

The legal proceedings against the former governor, who was arraigned on July 19, 2019, encompass a range of serious charges, including fraud, conflict of interest, dealing in suspicious property, money laundering, and abuse of office.

These allegations stem from a complex web of financial transactions and irregularities related to road development contracts in Kiambu County.

Court submissions presented during the proceedings have shed light on the alleged misconduct.

Specifically, Saika Two Estate Developers Limited, a company owned by Waititu and his wife Wangari, has been accused of receiving over Sh25 million from Testimony Enterprises Limited Contractor.

Testimony Enterprises was contracted by the county government to undertake road development projects, but the tender process itself has come under scrutiny of its questionable nature.

The court's decision to proceed with the trial underscores the gravity of the charges against the former governor and his wife.

It suggests that there is sufficient evidence to warrant a thorough examination of their actions in relation to the road tenders and the financial transactions involved.

The testimony of 32 prosecution witnesses has played a crucial role in establishing the case against the accused.

As the legal proceedings move forward, all eyes will be on the courtroom, where the former Kiambu Governor and his wife will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the allegations.