Juliana Rotich, the Head of the Department for Fintech Integration Solutions at Safaricom, has been named a member of the AI and Ethics Board of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This prestigious appointment reflects her expertise and commitment to advancing the responsible use of artificial intelligence for global betterment.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, established in 2000, is renowned for its dedication to harnessing scientific advancements and innovation to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide, with a particular focus on the most underprivileged regions.

In response to her appointment, Juliana Rotich expressed her deep honour and enthusiasm for the role.

"I am honored to be appointed as a member of the AI and Ethics Board of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Looking forward to serving with a global team of experts in the AI space," She stated, through her LinkedIn profile.

Before this announcement, Juliana Rotich took the commendable step of resigning from her position on the Standard Group Board.

The Standard Group, a prominent media organization, formally informed its shareholders and the general public of her resignation on September 19, 2023.

In an official statement, the company conveyed its appreciation and well wishes for her future endeavours.

The statement issued by The Standard Group read, "...the Board of Directors of The Standard Group PLC (“the Company”) wishes to notify its shareholders and the general public of the resignation of Ms. Juliana Rotich, as an Independent/ Non-Executive Director of the Company, with effect from 18th September 2023. The Board takes this opportunity to thank Ms. Rotich for her commitment and invaluable contribution to the Company and wish her the best in her future endeavours."

Juliana Rotich's appointment to the AI and Ethics Board of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation underscores her remarkable career achievements and dedication to the ethical development of artificial intelligence, with her work now poised to make a significant impact on a global scale.

In the world of Kenyan technology entrepreneurship, Rotich stands as a prominent figure with a rich history of leading and expanding technology companies.

Her impressive career includes a directorial role at Nairobi-based BRCK, known for integrated hardware and software solutions, and the co-founding of Ushahidi, an open-source software platform for information collection and mapping.

Rotich's influence extends to her involvement with organizations like Safaricom Money Transfer Service Limited, Girl Effect, Mookh Africa, Blue Consulting, and Kenya Vision 2030.

She has also contributed to the field of artificial intelligence as a board member at Atlas AI, focusing on analytics in developing nations, and as a task force member for Blockchain, AI & Emerging Technology at Kenya’s Ministry of ICT, Innovation & Youth Affairs.

With almost two decades in the ICT sector and a degree in Computer Science from the University of Missouri-Kansas, Rotich's impact is felt deeply.

Notably, she co-founded Ushahidi, a web-based reporting system that uses crowdsourced data to create real-time maps during crises, a platform born out of the 2007 post-election violence in Kenya.

This innovation collected eyewitness reports of violence via email and text messages, making a significant contribution to resolving the crisis.

Juliana Rotich's journey in technology and innovation continues to shape Kenya's ICT landscape, inspiring future generations of tech entrepreneurs.