Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a subsidiary of the Pan-African technology group Cassava Technologies, is set to revolutionize internet connectivity between Kenya and Ethiopia with the launch of a 1,000-kilometer fully redundant terrestrial fibre link.

This ambitious project aims to bolster digital connectivity, support businesses, and keep data within the continent, benefiting both nations.

The 1,000-kilometer fibre link will provide a direct and reliable connection between Kenya and Ethiopia, fostering greater access to data centres and cloud services.

This initiative aligns with the goal of ensuring that data does not need to leave the African continent.

Adil El Youssefi, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies for the Rest of Africa, emphasized the significance of this venture.

"Kenyan and Ethiopian businesses are rapidly adopting digital technologies, and this new link will enable trade and investment between these two great nations in our region," Youssefi stated.

He also highlighted the role of Liquid Kenya in contributing to the Kenya Kwanza Government's Digital Superhighway Initiative, describing the 1,000 kilometres of newly laid fibre as the company's initial commitment to private sector investment in this flagship project.

This transformative project is made possible through collaboration with the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) and Ethiopia Electric Power (EEP) and will provide an impressive capacity of four terabytes per second.

The existing terrestrial routes connecting the two nations will be complemented, ensuring carrier-grade connectivity along the Kenya-Ethiopia route.

This upgrade is expected to significantly boost data traffic on this vital corridor.

Hardy Pemhiwa, President and Group CEO of Cassava Technologies, expressed his vision of a digitally connected future for Africa, stating, “All initiatives undertaken by businesses under Cassava Technologies work towards realizing our vision of a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind.”

He further praised Liquid's achievement in expanding access to high-speed connectivity, underscoring the economic growth potential of these new fibre links.

In addition to improving connectivity between Kenya and Ethiopia, this fibre network will serve underserved towns such as Suswa, Sereolipi, Ndaragwa, and Marsabit, while also benefiting major urban centres like Nairobi and Mega.

With its focus on enhancing regional internet connectivity and supporting digital transformation, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is poised to play a pivotal role in catalyzing economic growth across Africa.

This project represents a crucial step towards achieving the goal of a digitally connected African continent, where businesses and individuals can harness the power of technology for economic development and innovation.